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Three Summers Creative Stands with the Black Community

All of Three Summers Creative stands with our Black clients, friends, and the community as a whole. We want to use our platform to help raise awareness, educate, and extirpate the racism that has infected our systems.


We want nothing more than for our world to see us as one race, the human race. This is a fight the Black community should not still be fighting. In fact, it’s a battle they never should have had to fight.

Now is the time to stand together and do what is right for our world. There are several ways you can help take a stand and support the Black community. Many have been marching, sharing resources on social media to encourage friends and family to educate themselves, and others have been donating to a variety of different organizations.

Supporting Black-owned businesses is a powerful way to provide material assistance in addition to the other movements, or on its own. 

During the Greenwood Massacre of 1921, a black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma thrived with Black businesses, doctors, lawyers, and more. So much so that it was referred to by some as “The Negro Wall Street” due to its flourishing commerce in the oil-boom town.

After an alleged incident of a Black man assaulting a White woman in an elevator hit the city’s White newspapers, the 2-day attack on the Greenwood Black community began. These Americans were terrorized by an ariel assault, machine guns, and other iniquitous acts. Homes were burned down, looted, and destroyed and because the Black hospital burned down, many lost their lives due to the refusal of entering the segregated White hospitals. People were killed and traumatized and the community, including many Black businesses, went up in flames.

This tragedy occurred 99 years ago. Today, in 2020, racial bias and inequality still survive. Black people are still fighting for their lives, marching for a better future, and pleading for equality. The massacre in Tulsa was not only an attack of racism but an attack on the American dream and its attainability to the Black community. 

Forbes recently highlighted 75 Black-owned businesses that we can all support as well as links to apps and online directories to help steer you to the resources that you need. The entrepreneurs highlighted include some that sell cosmetics, clothing, books, cars, financial products, tech products, and more. 

It’s time to start raising awareness. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to support the Black-owned businesses that continue to thrive in America and around the world today. We all have the power to stop history from repeating itself and to help put a stop to racism today.