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Creativity is Our

About us

We are an integrated marketing agency and creative services company.

We are a team of passionate problem-solvers working together to reimagine your connection to consumers and create experiences people will love! Looking for a partner with tangible results? Our primary goal is to ensure your business develops in a mighty way. We believe this is best done through integrity, creativity, and building a strong foundation for a long-term relationship.

So go ahead. Give us a one-two punch. Our solutions knock out the toughest marketing challenges.


In 2008, Three Summers Creative began in a small town in central New Jersey.

It took three summers of hard work and determination to make Three Summers Creative a full-fledged marketing company. To our employees, our team has come to represent the dedication it takes to make a life-changing decision and see it come to reality. It is an ode to hard work, as well as an embodiment of our company creed; we hope to bring a bit of Summer to every project.


2019 Graphic Design Award
Leading Woman Entrepeanur
NJ’s Cream of the Crop
Jersey’s Best 35 under 40
Hermes Platinum
Hermes Gold
Hermes Silver
AWWA Platinum

To Delight and INspire To Delight and INspire

Our One and Only
Fearless Leader

Founded Three Summers Creative at 18.

An avid business woman, Alesha Peluso has owned, managed, and operated Three Summers Creative since founding the company in 2008. She is committed to providing award-winning services while giving her clients the ultimate customer experience.

Alesha has over a decade of professional experience specializing in marketing strategy, and continues to produce award-winning work while inventing new ways to ease business hurdles. Affectionately, Alesha oversees all projects, while her hands-on approach and commitment to excellence inspires team members and clients alike.


Leading Woman Entrepeanur
Jersey’s Best 35 under 40

The Crew

We are a crazy crew of collaborative creatives single-handedly keeping the coffee industry booming. From the roots of our founders, from the toes of our interns, we work together to tell your story like it’s important (cause it is).

Eileen Frain
Veronica Jean
Tim Anderson
Ty Anderson

Strategic &

michael peluso
Amy Lukac
David Marks
John Peluso

High Impact
Change Makers

Jerrick Lazaga

Our Partners

We love and support the organizations who we team up with to deliver excellence and drive results for our clients.

The Areli Group

Custom Software & App Development


Linux Web Application Development

True Living

Leadership Coaching

Jump Marketing

Enterprise Market & Brand Research