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Digital Advertising

Experience digital growth like never before.

Digital advertising is targeted, flexible across channels, open to mobile-friendly engagement, and easy to track. Your advertising opportunities are endless when you advertise with our creative, strategic, award-winning team.


Funnel Building
Content Strategy
Social Media Ad Management
Advertising Graphics
Chatbot Advertising
PPC Management
Landing Page Creation


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The Complete Funnel

A digital marketing sales funnel combines marketing tactics to generate traffic to your business and take potential customers on a journey from being a prospect to a loyal customer. With our creativity and skills, your users will be excited about your brand and enjoy the ride to becoming loyal customers. 

Social Media Ad Management

Most digital users will jump from platform to platform when they’re both casually browsing as well as searching for a specific product or service. This is why social media ad management is so important. We can create eye-catching social ads catered to any social platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. On top of that, we’re also able to put together chatbot advertising, which helps take care of your customers in your social absence as well as sell more of your products/services.

PPC Management

Our PPC management oversees your entire PPC ad strategy and budget. These include both Google ads and Bing ads. Our strategic team will ensure that your ads have a solid strategy to reach your ideal customers and beat out your competition while remaining within your budget.

Landing Page

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a standalone web page where users can land on after clicking on one of your eye-catching ads? Well, we can do that. Unlike your normal webpages, which typically have more than one goal, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal – also known as a Call To Action (CTA). This specific focus makes landing pages the best option for increasing conversion rates of your campaigns and minimizing your cost of obtaining a lead or sale. If your landing page is designed well and is easy to navigate (and with Three Summers Creative, that’s a shoo-in), get ready for those leads.

Numbers don't lie


1,000 emails/week
at $.15/email

Service Company:

+300% leads
at 25% prior cost

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