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Brew Up a Successful Marketing Plan for Your Brewery, Distillery, and Coffee Shop

Just like any business, a successful marketing plan can go a long way. From branding to each social media post, your brand should be present and lively on your website and across other necessary platforms. Yes, that might seem a little broad, so we’ll help you out with a list of 5 marketing ideas for your brewery, distillery, or coffee shop.

Keep Your Social Presence Brewing

One of the most effective ways to pull in new customers and keep your existing customers around is by social media. Social media allows you to engage with consumers, educate, update, and entertain. Posting high-quality pictures of your products staged with a nice color scheme to match your brand will do well. But, don’t stop there! Social media allows you to mix things up and keep things interesting. Do you have an awesome video of your beer-making process? Give your fans a little sneak peek. Based on the amount of beer and malt-based beverages that are sold to U.S. consumers every year, (more than $119.3 billion), having an ongoing social presence is probably a good idea. Keep it exciting – honestly, we could have an entire blog about how you can use social media to your advantage! Stay tuned… 

When it comes to your coffee shop, you must have a social presence. According to Brandwatch, coffee received nearly 36 million mentions in 8 months. Not to mention, there are even more statistics that show the most popular days, times, and even professions that drink coffee the most. If there are these types of statistics out there, clearly many are talking about coffee on social media. 

Boil Up Some Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to update your customers on company news, send thoughtful holiday messages, or just to remind them that you’re still there! According to Hubspot, 40% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success. Also, it’s a huge help for any business when 99% of consumers check their email every day.

Design a branded email showing off your new beer, keep them in the loop about an upcoming tasting event, share your latest blog, or let them know you’re celebrating your 5th year in business! There are endless possibilities when it comes to email marketing – why not sue them to your advantage?

Pour on Your Reviews

Reviews are a great way to show off how great your brand is without having to brag yourself. Encourage your customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page, your website, Yelp, or wherever else you’re registered and use those as social media posts, put them at the bottom of your emails, or even display them on your website. Go get those 5 stars posted! 

Craft an Impressive Video

As you may know, video has become very popular on social media and on websites today. According to OptinMonster, 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation, 87% say video has increased traffic to their website, 80% say video has directly shaped increase sales, and 95% plan to increase or maintain video spend in 2020. 

Video marketing allows for a real, in-depth, visually appealing way to get people talking about your brand. Hire a professional to come in, shoot a video of your process, your beer, interviews with you and your employees, and post it on Facebook. Your brand suddenly turns into a story for your fans and others to enjoy – causing many to want to try your products. 

Cheers to Community Events

Staying involved in your community is important. Is your town having a fair? Apply to set up a booth and stay active. This is a great way to attract new customers and start conversations all while showing your community that you care to be a part of it. Bring business cards, pens, stickers, and beer for taste-testing – if it’s allowed, of course! Or, host an event yourself! You could plan and market a “yappy hour” and allow people to come to enjoy the outdoors with their pooches while taste-testing blends of coffee or craft beers – whatever your company produces!

Each of these 5 marketing tips holds so much value and information – more than what we have given you in this blog. Also, you need to make sure your logo is eye-catching, your website content is inviting, and your ads are targeting the best crowd, properly. 

If you own a brewery/distillery or coffee shop and are in need of marketing help, reach out! We can help you come up with a successful marketing plan that will get your business into the spotlight. 

We’re so excited to hear from you. – Cheers!