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Jersey’s Best Top Marketing & Communications Professionals Under 40: Congratulations Veronica Jean!

We are so excited to announce that our very own creative director, Natalie (professionally known as Veronica Jean), has made it on the list of Jersey’s Best Top marketing and Communications Professionals Under 40!

Veronica, an extremely talented artist, not only cares about her team, but she also cares about people and the world at large. She goes above and beyond to train the employees she manages, giving them one-on-one design advice not only in technical aspects but also in theoretical ones by helping people understand the idea and motivation or reasoning behind the project itself. 

Out of the office, Veronica is a charitable person, constantly supporting organizations that donate to the hungry, clean the oceans, positively impact the environment, and more. On top of that, she regularly participates in trips to Nicaragua to build housing for the homeless. She is a minimalist and she is always willing to share with her fellow teammates the latest ways to reduce waste, save money, or live healthier lives.

Veronica’s work for nonprofits like Came to Believe Recovery, Duke Farms, and HealRWorld have made a tangible difference in making the world a better place. Each client gets 100% of her focus and energy and always with an eye towards the outcome, be it business growth or improving the customer experience. This has created a ripple effect of positivity through every project she works on.

Veronica Jean has exceeded what any agency could expect from a Creative Director in every way. Her role has included many of the traditional functions of an expert marketer and communications professional, not limited to creating written content, strategies, and branding research. Her outstanding work is a credit to the thought and intelligence behind each creative piece she oversees. She has worked with a team or completely on her own and each project she delivers is better than the last, exceeding the already high expectations every time. 

Her Three Summers Creative team is so proud of her for this well-deserved award. Congratulations!