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Regarding COVID 19

Dear Friends,

It is impossible to ignore the impact that Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been making on my clients, my peers, and my team as well as our families and loved ones. In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, we are each faced with challenges to our work life and our daily life, with new challenges to come.

I am too familiar with the fear of economic hardship during and after this pandemic. Three Summers Creative was born in the wake of the recession of 2008. I would never pretend to know a special secret to navigate a recession, or that we have all the answers.

What I have learned is this:

Keep pressing on.

There will be an up to this down. I believe in overcoming all odds. This is the time to sharpen your craft and rise above the panic – to think clearly and strategize efficiently.

Obstacles can be intimidating, but it is these very obstacles that also motivate and inspire us.

Facing this difficult time head-on won’t be easy – you have to have grit. But I believe in you. I believe this is the time of transformation when we will stand together, help one another, and grow into a stronger unity.

Alesha Peluso

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

– Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Three Summers Creative will continue to do everything within our power to keep your business moving forward. The remote nature of our work allows us to maintain the highest standards of excellence without endangering our clients or team. Changes to our regular business operations include:

  • Virtual Meetings: You can video chat, call, or email our team. We will be postponing in-person meetings for the next 2 weeks or longer.
  • Onsite Video Productions: We will be postponing any onsite video productions for the next 2 weeks or longer. Video editing, motion graphic animation, whiteboard production, sound production, and any other digital video work will continue as usual.

We will continue to be creative, strategic, collaborative and focused during this time of uncertainty. We are here for you, putting together a few resources to support our clients and fellow business owners during and after the pandemic.

Stay healthy and safe.

Alesha PelusoAlesha Peluso

CEO at Three Summers Creative

Office: (908) 500-6165 Email: alesha@threesummerscreative.com ThreeSummersCreative.com