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Education for a Global Impact

The Challenge

Over the years, World Education Services built a position of trust in their marketplace. Their strength is in their cultivated legacy, boasting a long history and expansive database of educational information over four decades. WES underwent a major brand overhaul to unite their initiatives under one umbrella.


In an effort to better serve their global community of academics, World Education Services commissioned Three Summers Creative to produce four films.

The first film is a capstone in clarifying the company’s vision and new direction of uniting their three primary initiatives – Global Talent Bridge, Research, and WES Advisor. This video would be seen by international students and skilled immigrants to help visualize how WES makes a difference in the lives of those they serve.

The second film utilizes the power and universal language of illustrations through a motion graphic animation that explains the WES credential evaluation process. This video was key to setting important service expectations and thereby improving the experience clients had with WES. It also explained how WES evaluation services are so helpful to talent around the world.

The third and fourth film shared testimonials of students who had used a WES credential evaluation to successfully translate their degrees into a different nation’s job talent requirements.


Video Production

Our Work

WES: Supporting International Students and Skilled Immigrants

See how WES helps international students and skilled immigrants achieve their educational and professional goals.

The WES Evaluation Process Explained

See the three-step process WES uses to deliver credential evaluations.

in today's economy all business is global in today's economy all business is global
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