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Shares of Success

The Challenge

New to Verizon, the Stock Together employee stock purchasing program is a highly anticipated investment program for their team. While the benefits are simple, the concepts behind the technical aspects of the novel stock program were complex. In order to communicate effectively the details of Stock Together, Verizon commissioned Three Summers Creative to produce a series of materials for an information campaign to the public and employees.


Three Summers Creative worked with the Verizon team to create a dedicated microsite for Stock Together. This site would serve as a hub of information for new and current employees. In addition, three motion graphic videos were produced to illustrate the details about the program in an easily digestable format. Finally, a brochure outlining the details of the Stock Together program was designed by our team, repurposing many of the data visualizations and graphics from the videos.

“Working with Verizon’s HR team is a blast! It is challenging but rewarding to see the campaign elements come together. We were excited to be a part of this program’s launch.” – Alesha Peluso, CEO


Video Production

Website Design

Graphic Design

Video Production Company New Jersey

Our Work

What is Stock Together?

Get a broad view of the Stock Together program.

I got Stock Together.

The process of how Stock Together vests over time and details about participation.

My Stock Together vested, what’s next?

How to collect Stock Together dividends.

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