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Our Top 8 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 57 was exciting, high-scoring, and full of heart from the players on both sides of the ball. In case you missed it, the Kansas City Chiefs won 38-35, with MVP of the season and MVP of the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes, doing everything he can for the team. If sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we’re here to share with you our top 8 favorite Super Bowl commercials (in no specific order).

1. Squarespace

Adam Driver, Kylo Ren, however you know him by, was the star in Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial. The ad focused around the idea of “The Singularity,” multiplying Adam Driver by the dozens with the idea that Squarespace is a website that creates websites. 

This was a funny take on the point that one website can create multiple websites. Plus, an ad with Adam Driver is cool as it is – but adding a bunch of his clones? Even better.

2. Dunkin' Donuts: Featuring Ben Affleck

Dunkin’ Donuts produced a hilarious commercial starring Ben Affleck, as Ben Affleck and capturing the real responses from customers. He took control of taking the orders from regular coffee-drinkers and surprising them at the window as he attempts to take on the job. The best part of the commercial is when Jennifer Lopez pulls up in the end, “embarrassing him in front of his friends” and asking for a glazed donut. 

3. General Motors: Featuring Will Ferrell

GM casts Will Ferrell in a great commercial featuring their electric vehicle and placing it in Netflix viral movies and TV shows. Will drives through scenes and becomes a character in a zombie movie, Squid Games, Bridgerton, and even Stranger Things taking on the role of “Dusty.”  

4. The Farmer's Dog

Touching the hearts of dog-lovers everywhere, The Farmer’s Dog‘s Super Bowl ad made us all tear up. They took you on a journey of the bond between a little girl and a puppy, through their lives together, ending in the dog’s point of view of its memories. SO SWEET.

5. Pepsi: Featuring Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller shows off his acting skills in a series of roles, showing how “real” it can seem when you’re a good actor. In the end, he takes a sip of Pepsi and admits how good it tastes… or was he just acting? 

6. Busch Light: Featuring Sarah McLachlan

Busch Light takes you through the importance of survival skills when you’re in the wild. It seems like a regular beer commercial until Sarah McLachlan appears in a tent, turning the commercial into a “for just dollars a day” “In the arms of an angel” charity commercial. However, it takes a hilarious turn in the end.

7. Doritos: Featuring Jack Harlow

Doritos presented popular rapper, Jack Harlow, as a famous triangle player. He steal the hearts of fans everywhere, as they follow the trends and turn everything into triangles. This was pretty brilliant and obviously very funny.

8. Amazon

Amazon‘s commercial, showing the life of a naughty dog that clearly has separation anxiety took us on a ride of emotions. It seems at first that the commercial is about a pet camera that spits out treats, until you see the family shopping on Amazon for a dog crate. At this point, you believe the crate is for the naughty dog – when in reality, it’s to bring home a companion pup to help their dog’s anxiety. Adorable. Dogs win again.

Creative ads are kind of our thing. We love putting our brains together to create funny, heartfelt, and brilliant ads for our clients – so of course this was our favorite part of the Super Bowl. Although there were many others that deserve credit, these were our top 8 favorite Super Bowl commercials, and we hope you enjoyed our power list!

If you’re ready for your business to have ads just as creative as these, reach out to us. our team is always ready and excited to come up with the best for our clients. Talk soon and congratulations to all Chiefs fans!