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TSC Around Town Video Series: Episodes 7-13

Three Summers Creative moved into our new office and studio space in Somerville, NJ in March of 2020. We decided as a team that we wanted to do something to let the community know that we were in town, especially during a global pandemic. So, we came up with the idea to do a video series called, “TSC Around Town,” where we visit our neighbors and promote them with high-quality video! You can check out episodes 7-13 in this blog, on Facebook, and on YouTube!

Episode 7: Bliss Coffee Lounge

Have you been to Bliss Coffee Lounge in Somerville, NJ yet? If not, you have to try it out. They have a large menu of coffee and tea options, along with delicious food and smoothies! Bliss Coffee lounge is a super cool spot to get work done, hang with friends, or just take a breather on your lunch break!

Episode 8: Somerset County Business Partnership

We love Somerset County Business Partnership! Located on Grove Street, they are your go-to if you’re a business in Somerset County and are looking to network with other local businesses and grow yours!

Episode 9: USA Architects

The team at USA Architects is an amazing group of creative people who are changing the face of New Jersey through architecture. We love to work with them! If you’re looking for a beautiful, creative, new architecture design, this is the place to reach out to.

Episode 10: Artisanal Tattoo

Artisanal Tattoo holds incredibly talented artists ready to bring your symbolic visions and ideas to life! Their talented staff have years of experience and are familiar with all styles of tattooing AND piercings. If you’ve been planning a tattoo for quite some time and you’re ready to put a work of art on your body – Artisanal Tattoo on Division St. in Somerville is your go-to!

Episode 11: Ultimate Escape Rooms

The Ultimate Xscape Rooms on Main Street in Somerville is filled with exciting puzzles for you and your family and friends to figure out! Right now, you can grab your group and try to escape Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab or the Dragon Castle! The Wizarding School room is coming Spring 2021 and the Sherlocked room will be ready for you in the Summer! Step away from reality for a bit and come check this place out!

Episode 12: Pinot's Palette

Are you looking for something fun to do with your friends, family, or with your professional team? Head over to Pinot’s Palette on Main St. in Somerville for painting & sipping! You can bring your own drinks, food, and if you’re renting out a private room for a party, you can even get your event catered! Take a break from your busy life, grab a bottle of wine, and visit Pinot’s Palette. Paint. Drink. Have fun!

Episode 13: Oink & Moo

Delicious is an understatement! Oink and Moo on Main Street in Somerville is definitely the place to go for all of your BBQ needs. Yes, all of them. You can order food to go, eat-in, and even purchase equipment and seasoning to BBQ on your own! They also have a food truck and were named #1 Food Truck in the USA. Stop in for lunch, grab some to go, or plan your BBQ dinner right here at Oink and Moo! We’re so happy we did an episode here, especially because we got to take a break and try their delicious pulled pork sandwiches! 

Check back in our blog section for an updated post with new episodes! If you’re interested in an episode for your business, please reach out!