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TSC Around Town Video Series: Episodes 1-6

Three Summers Creative moved into our new office and studio space in Somerville, NJ in March of 2020. We decided as a team that we wanted to do something to let the community know that we were in town, especially during a global pandemic. So, we came up with the idea to do a video series called, “TSC Around Town,” where we visit our neighbors and promote them with high-quality video! You can check out the first six episodes in this blog, on Facebook, and on YouTube!

Episode 1: Cheech's Own Coffee

Formerly known as Cheech’s (now, Lucid), is right on Main Street in Somerville, NJ. 

They brew 100% organic coffees and teas, paired with a delicious bakery selection and then some! If you haven’t visited yet, you have to add that to your weekend plans!

Episode 2: Summerville Homemade Ice Cream

Summerville Homemade Ice Cream is a hidden gem that you must try. Their homemade ice cream is made with fresh, quality ingredients – making each spoonful creamy and delicious! If you’re a fan of ice cream like we are, this should be your next stop!

Episode 3: Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Somerville, NJ is our go-to spot for a delicious meal, especially if we’re in the mood for burgers. They have the best burgers, steaks, drinks, you name it. Definitely add this to your upcoming weekend plans – you won’t regret it.

Episode 4: The Hungry Hound Bakery & Boutique

The Hungry Hound Dog Bakery & Boutique in Somerville, NJ is our favorite spot to get our dogs’ toys, accessories, and of course, delicious treats! If you’re looking for treats made with healthy ingredients for your dogs or even a new toy, this is the place to go!

Episode 5: Turf, Surf, and Earth

Turf, Surf, and Earth is the ultimate destination for made-to-order, fresh gourmet dishes! If you’re health-conscious, into plant-based food, or you just want to take a bite of something extremely delicious, this is the place to go!

Episode 6: Redelico's

If you need paint, help with color matching, or just about anything having to do with paint – Redelico’s in Somerville is the place to go! Not to mention, their building is beautiful! You can’t miss it.

Check back in our blog section for episodes 7-13! If you’re interested in an episode for your business, please reach out!