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Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2024 According to the TSC Team

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2024 According to the TSC Team

Another year, another Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers fought from the first minute until the last few seconds of overtime, resulting in a back-to-back SB win for the Chiefs. The big game was a defensive one, forbidding the offenses to get it going until the end of the second half into overtime.

The Game Recap

Playing with the new overtime rules, the 49ers started with the ball and ended up kicking a much-needed field goal with their rookie kicker. However, the Chiefs were able to string together plays that led them marching down the field, ending with a 3-yard touch down pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman.

The game ended with 25 points for the Kansas City Chiefs and 22 for the San Francisco 49ers. Whoever had those box numbers in their pool pulled out a lucky W!

The Commercials

Patrick Mahomes may have also won MVP, but which Super Bowl ad won MVP? Let’s get into our top 10 Super Bowl Commercials.

Number One: Introducing the DunKings

In Dunkin‘s Super Bowl ad, Ben Affleck, along with his friends Matt Damon and Tom Brady, forms a boy band called the DunKings. The trio crashes Jennifer Lopez’s recording sessions, and in a humorous sequence, Ben Affleck showcases his musical ambitions. Wearing DunKings tracksuits in Dunkin’s signature colors, they introduce themselves, with Brady on the keys and Damon showcasing his reluctance.

Sound ridiculous? It is, in all the best ways. Can you picture J-Lo’s face? Just see it for yourself:

Number Two: NFL Sunday Ticket Migrating Birds

YouTube took a unique approach by going airborne in their Super Bowl commercial. Despite the matchup being between KC and SF, the streaming platform’s commercial, titled “Migration,” focuses on the NFL’s bird-themed teams. Set just before kick-off, the ad features flocks of Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, and Seattle Seahawks soaring through the sky, with a bird watcher monitoring their flight. Seahawks star Tyler Lockett contributes with a squawk as the bird watcher emphasizes the importance of preparing early for the upcoming season by signing up for the NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV.

Fly on over here to check it out:

Number Three: Arnold Schwarzenegger State Farm Ad

In a 60-second spot, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on the role of a State Farm employee in an action film, rescuing puppies and a pregnant woman from a burning home. However, the Austrian-born actor struggles to pronounce the State Farm tagline. Danny DeVito makes a surprise cameo, saving the day by smoothly delivering the tagline. The ad, titled “Like a Good Neighbaaa,” is hilarious and entertaining.

See for yourself:

Number Four: Paramount+ Super Bowl Ad

Paramount+ emerges as a leading contender in the pre-Super Bowl ads releases by seamlessly blending various worlds available on its platform. The diverse cast, including Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Stewart from Star Trek, Drew Barrymore, and characters like Hey, Arnold! and Peppa Pig embarks on a snowy mountain climb reminiscent of the brand’s logo.

Tagovailoa attempts to use a grappling hook prompts a football-related quip when he fails. Stewart humorously suggests throwing cartoon characters, leading to a debate with Barrymore. As Jeff Probst offers Arnold an immunity idol, Stewart dons a football uniform, jokingly ready to throw Arnold. When the throw falls short, Stewart contemplates using someone made of pigskin, pointing to Peppa Pig.

This commercial had so many references, Creed, and so much more. You have to check it out:

Number Five: Skechers Without a 'T'

Skechers‘ 2024 Super Bowl ad addresses a common misconception by featuring Mr. T, the beloved star of The A-Team, to playfully emphasize that even though there’s no actual “T” in Skechers, Mr. T is proudly wearing them.

The commercial showcases Mr. T displaying various types of Skechers shoes and highlights their versatility in different scenarios. From pull-ups on the beach to walking over coals and fishing on a boat, Skechers has a suitable stylish option for every occasion.

This is a must watch:

Number Six & Number Seven: T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads

T-Mobile absolutely killed it with their Super Bowl ads this year. For the first ad, they aired a star-studded commercial showcasing a mini-“Suits” reunion with Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht, a heartwarming moment with Bradley Cooper and his mother, and auditions from celebrities like Laura Dern, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison, all aiming for T-Mobile’s Magenta Status.

Watch it here:

In T-Mobile’s second Super Bowl ad, Zach Braff and Donald Faison sing to Jason Momoa about the advantages of T-Mobile’s home Internet, set to the tune of “Flashdance…What a Feeling.” Momoa enthusiastically joins in, dancing and singing his rendition of the song.

Number Eight: Can't B Broken (Verizon)

Beyoncé, a 32-time Grammy winner, took center stage in a Verizon ad where she attempted to “break the internet.” The commercial depicts Beyoncé announcing a series of increasingly newsworthy events in her quest to overwhelm Verizon’s internet, yet she ultimately fails. The ad concludes with Queen B playfully commanding, “Drop the new music,” sparking a flurry of excitement on social media as users on platform X tried to decipher if there was indeed new music from the star.


Number Nine: Uber Eats

Uber Eats‘ 60-second ad revolves around the theme that the delivery service can bring almost anything, and all you need to do is forget something else. The commercial starts with Jennifer Aniston forgetting David Schwimmer, her long-time friend and “Friends” cast member. It goes on to feature celebrities like Victoria and David Beckham forgetting the name of Victoria’s ’90s girl group, Jason “Jelly Roll” DeFord forgetting his face tattoos, and Usher forgetting that he’s the Super Bowl Halftime performer.

Watch here:

Number Ten: Reese's Candy Commercial

The candy brand showcased a new variation of its product, introducing peanut butter cups with caramel in its Super Bowl spot. Narrated by actor Will Arnett, the advertisement took viewers on an emotional journey, informing them about the exciting changes while reassuring them that the classic Reese’s will continue to be available.

Hop on the emotional rollercoaster, here:

The Worst Super Bowl Commercial(s)

The worst Super Bowl commercial may be a tie between Temu‘s and Pluto TV’s Couch Potato ad.

Temu’s ad consisted of animated characters showcasing the cheap products you can get from the Temu app. This commercial was fairly lame and had no meat to it.

Pluto TV‘s couch potato ad had potential to be great, but it never got to that point. Maybe with more time this commercial could have developed into something creative, hilarious, and memorable, but most viewers believed that it had potential, and that’s about it.

That's a Wrap

Congratulations to Kansas City for winning Super Bowl lviii!

The National Football League season is over, another winner has been crowned, and new commercials were introduced to make us laugh. Although we were lacking the heartfelt, tear-jerker commercials, we were definitely entertained.

Here’s to hoping our teams make it to the big game next year!

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