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Three Summers Creative CEO Named One of NJ’s Best 35 Under 40!

Alesha Peluso named one of NJ’s Best 35 under 40, and we couldn’t be more proud!

As our inspiration and driving force, Alesha has taken Three Summers Creative from a boutique production house to an award-winning, full-service marketing and communications company in just under eight years.

It was entirely appropriate that on International Dance Day, the creative team was dancing from the Three Summers Creative office to the NJ Ad Club award ceremony at the Forsgate Country Club in Jamesburg. It may be less appropriate that Monday morning, we are still dancing… we just can’t help it! Alesha Peluso, founder, and CEO of Three Summers Creative was named one of New Jersey’s best Marketing and Communications Professionals by the NJ Ad Club’s Jersey’s Best 35 under 40 awards.

With a roster of clients ranging from trucks to telecom and from healthcare and pharma to sustainability, Alesha’s capacity to grow and to inspire has been a resounding anthem throughout the Three Summers Creative office. She inspires both her clients and her employees to re-evaluate how marketing is done and find creative solutions to stand out and drive business forward. 

While this is not the first award Three Summers has received this year, it is the first award to specifically honor Alesha as a driving individual in her field and we could not be more proud! 

“Alesha is a remarkably driven woman. She has overcome so many different life-changing events without ever losing hold of her dreams for his business. She is a passionate individual who has permanently changed how I view marketing, and I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else.” – Veronica Jean – Graphic Designer with TSC

The first to come to the office and the last to leave, all of the employees here at Three Summers Creative want to wish Alesha a giant CONGRATULATIONS, and best of luck moving forward! We know you deserve it, and we all cant wait to see you back in the office!