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Shares of Success

The Problem

Verizon needed a website and video content that properly displayed their new Stock Together program. Stock Together is a broad-based equity program that creates an opportunity for Verizon employees to share in the success for Verizon and the value they help to create through a discretionary award of Verizon Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).


Three Summers Creative was honored to work with the Compensation team at Verizon to create a website and video content for this new program!


Video Production

Website Design

Video Production Company New Jersey

Our Work

Stock Together Video Series

Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way their customers live, work and play.

What is Stock Together?

Get a broad view of the Stock Together program.

I got Stock Together.

The process of how Stock Together vests over time and details about participation.

My Stock Together vested, what’s next?

How to collect Stock Together dividends.

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