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The Problem

“… For real alcoholics like myself, for real drug addicts like myself, it is a life and death errand… I needed a real, tangible power to change me and shift me from where I was to where I needed to be, and I found that in Came to Believe.”

Sean is one of many that changed their lives because of Came to Believe Recovery, a group of men and women recovered from addictions.  About 88,000 people die as a result of alcohol every year in the United States; about 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, with approximately 2.1 million Americans have an opioid use disorder.

Came to Believe Recovery is on a mission to help those with addictions break stigmas and spread positivity and hope at their retreats as well as on their social media pages.

So, how is Came to Believe Recovery different than other recovery programs?

“We tell you the truth about recovery and present the idea that you can be recovered.”


Three Summers Creative created a comprehensive yearly plan to expand the #endaddiction outreach and relevance not only the addict, but also their families and religious safe-houses as well. The regionalized nonprofit now has chapters all over the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. With the production of regular heart-to-hearts with recovered addicts (Recovery TV), Came to Believe has inspired and motivated the support they needed to become a national movement.

Three Summers Creative is elated to support this inspiring company, which included creating a modern website, content creation, rebranding, social media assistance in both content and graphics, Recovery TV, and more recently – helping CTBR launch a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to help those that may not be able to afford to get the help that they need.

Came to Believe Recovery has a few goals in the upcoming year. These goals include, doubling the retreats, expand their organization worldwide, raise enough funds so everyone in need can attend the retreats and have access to the tools and direction necessary, and end brokenness from addiction worldwide.


Web Design
Graphic Design
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Branding Refresh

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A Social Movement

We kicked off Came to Believe Recovery’s social media in March of 2019. Since then, their Facebook page grew astronomically and continues to do so. We found out what works, what doesn’t, and continue to produce the posts that their followers crave to see – including new ideas to keep the page fresh.

Increase in Impressions
Increase in Engagement

Recovery TV

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