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Christmas Video

Christmas Lights. Camera. Action!

As we all know, 2020 has been… interesting to say the least. However, we wanted to spread the holiday cheer by highlighting our favorite holiday videos from this year, and the past.

Honking Heroes

Our client, H.K. Truck Center, had a specific vision for their holiday campaign this year, and we were honored to put this together for them. Truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and putting in hard work and hours to bring products to stores, hospitals, businesses, etc. So HK wanted to find a way to thank them.

We created the Honking Heroes campaign, which brings back the simple, yet ebullient tradition of the trucker’s salute. This puts a smile on children and truck driver’s faces, everywhere.

It was a collaborative effort to make this campaign come to life and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.

In addition to the video, we created a landing page for all to view the video and for truck drivers to submit their own unique “trucker salute” stories to be featured on HK’s social media.

Hope for the Holidays

Our client, Came to Believe Recovery, wanted a holiday campaign that presented the hard truth about addiction during this time of year, as well as creates a way to bring in donations so they can continue to help end addiction around the world. 

This collaborative effort included script writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, and more. We’re extremely pleased with how well this video came together and we’re continuing to help spread the message of recovery alongside our client.

TSC Holiday Coffee

Last year, we asked that the focus be not on the glitter of a lit tree or the shine of wrapping paper, but the love of those around us and the joy of the season itself. How often we forget what’s under the tree is not nearly as important as the people around it and the stories we create with them.

This holiday campaign consisted of the team working together to package TSC-branded coffee beans to be sent to each client, all while recording the whole process for a holiday video! We love our clients, the holiday season, and of course, coffee.

Christmas Hallelujah

For our 2017 Christmas video, our Hallelujah was something more than a holiday greeting. It was and still is an anthem of hope and happiness!

TSC Holiday Video

This holiday video played homage to the art of block printing with a festive twist. After this video was made, the artwork print served as the block printer for our holiday cards!

KSS Architects New Year Video

The Westminster Choir College gave us a once-in-a-lifetime private performance to celebrate their new choir practice room, brilliantly designed by KSS Architects.

A big thank you to everyone that collaborated on all of these projects! We also want to thank our clients, the amazing actors, and those generous enough to allow us to use their homes or properties for filming locations.

We got through 2020 as a company and as individuals and we wish our team, clients, and fans nothing but love and hope going into the new year.

Everyone here at Three Summers Creative wishes you all a wonderful, warm, and safe holiday!