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Valentines Day

[az_special_heading padding_bottom_heading=”0″ content_heading=”Happy Valentine’s Day!”][az_column_text]by Veronica Jean

If you’ve ever been involved in a serious relationship, you know that what you say and how you say it determines everything from where you go out to dinner to how long you sleep on the couch. As my grandmother used to say, ” You can say anything to anyone so long as you chose the right time, right place, and right tone.”

For a business, long term relationships may not include flowers and jewelry, but they certainly depend heavily on what you say and how you say it. Even the most established companies can struggle with content development for their website, handouts, or social media posts.

We here at Three Summers Creative understand completely. Our content development services are specifically tailored to make your projects as painless as possible. In the meantime, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind when developing your project content that should keep you from having to sleep on the couch- err…experiencing miscommunication.[/az_column_text]

[az_box_icon icons_select=”icon_only” title=”Match Your Branding’s Tone” icon=”font-icon-directions”]It’s very important to keep a consistent tone throughout your content. Does your content talk to the audience and use phrases like ‘you’, ‘we’, and ‘us’? Do you use jargon? Would your company greeting be ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hey y’all’? It’s no good to sound super professional on one page and throw in some knock-knock jokes on the next. Not that there’s anything wrong with knock-knock jokes. I myself heard a great one the other day. Speaking of the other day–[/az_box_icon][az_box_icon icons_select=”icon_only” title=”Stay on Subject” icon=”font-icon-feather”]For some people, putting together a few sentences is a struggle. For others, a quick ‘Hello’ to a stranger and the next thing you know you’re getting a three part re-enactment of  ‘Our Town’ with them as the star and their pets as producers. Try not to give the person too much information in different directions. Remember, you can explain further when meeting them in person or discussing things over the phone. To that end-[/az_box_icon][az_box_icon icons_select=”icon_only” title=”It’s Usually Best to be Brief” icon=”font-icon-compass”]People have short attention spans. Keep it simple and they are more likely to understand. Give them the highlights to encourage them to contact you directly, then tailor your conversation to their specific needs and they won’t feel overwhelmed.[/az_box_icon]
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[az_column_text]There is more we can say on that subject, but in honor of our last point we will keep this listing to three bullet points. Remember, you can always contact us directly with your marketing content questions, project ideas or just to chat.[/az_column_text]