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Three summers Creative Three summers Creative

Spending thousands per year in salary for one marketing person?

How about hiring a team of marketing experts for the same amount and writing off the expense?

4 Pillars of Effective Marketing

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with strategy: Exactly what your marketing can accomplish and how. We align your current marketing efforts with measurable ROI and reporting so you stay on track to your goals.


Trust our team to put your new strategy into place. From ongoing marketing material like social media, blogging, SEO, and newsletters, to campaign-specific deliverables, we ensure all you have to do is hit the 'approve' button.


Does your branding need to be refreshed? How about some customized marketing material? Or maybe you're looking to go all out with a commercial sure to stand out in the industry? Our creative team takes care of it all!


Creative content and excellent branding don't mean much if it isn't reaching the right people. We help define your audience, then get your content in front of them with social ads, PPC, Google Advertising, and more.


Marketing, Content, and Design


Your marketing strategist creates an annual marketing plan for you and then regularly provides updates to ensure that strategic goals are being met. Strategy will give you the edge over your competitors, ensuring cohesive branding, tracking, and repositioning the marketing efforts for short and long-term success.

Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Marketing Planning
  • Research and Analysis
  • Campaign Development
  • Brand and Tone Management
Full Service


A dedicated account manager will oversee the successful implementation of your marketing. The implementation team continually seek out new opportunities for your business, creating valuable content, and giving your business a noticeable presence in your marketplace.

Implementation includes:

  • Account and Project Management
  • Opportunity Scouting, Monitoring Competitors
  • Social Media Organic Content
  • Blogging/Article Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Email Marketing
  • Funnel Building
  • Copywriting and Content Management
  • Tracking and Reporting
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Content is King, but the Crown goes to


You have access to an entire creative department of talent—from brand designers through video to social content, to help create the material you need to reach your goals.

Creative includes:

  • Completely Managed Video Production
  • Promotional Material Design (Graphic Design)
  • Web Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative and Art Direction
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Dynamic, Strategic


Our fully managed advertising—including the best digital ad management and media buying services—will open up new avenues of promotion for you and ensure you don’t get locked into particular advertising channels.

Advertising includes:

  • Media Placement/Buying
  • Vendor Partner Management
  • PPC Advertising (Google, Bing +)
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Strategy. Advertising. Graphic Design. Web Design. Video Production. Branding.

Creativity is Our

About us

Three Summers Creative is a full service marketing agency and creative services company based in Somerset County, New Jersey. Through the successful mix of strategy, implementation, creative, and advertising, we help our clients of every size and industry reach and exceed their growth goals.

Looking for a partner with tangible results? Our primary goal is to ensure your business develops in a mighty way. We believe that integrity, agility, transparency, and creativity build the strongest foundations for a long-term relationship. That is why every client of ours has a completely unique marketing program tailored to specific goals with complete transparency for all initiatives. No more retainers with vague deliverables or hourly management: We build your marketing value with you.

So, go ahead. Give us a call. Our solutions can knock out even the toughest marketing challenges.


NJ Ad Club
AVA Digital
Leading Woman Entrepreneur
NJ’s Cream of the Crop
Jersey’s Best 35 under 40
AWWA Platinum

Our Clients


“I am the CEO of Came to Believe Recovery, Inc, helping those broken from addiction restore their lives, with social media as one of our primary means of getting our message out to those in need.

Three Summers Creative completely rebranded us. Everything from a new logo to a website redesign, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and even extensive promotional videos across all mediums!

Since we began working with Three Sumemrs Creative, we have seen a huge increase in awareness, from 600 Facebook followers to 13,000+ today! Our retreats are breaking attendance records, and we have increased our donations ten fold!

Three Summers Creative worked seamlessly with our team. We have an account manager who communicates our needs to a team of behind-the-scenes experts. They are flexible, available, and produced off-the charts work! Well equipped, Three Summers Creative is the perfect fit for businesses seeking to go to the next level!”

Tom Williams

CEO | Came to Believe Recovery

The Crew

We are a crew of collaborative creatives and strategists. Like most excellent agencies, we believe we may be single-handedly keeping the coffee industry booming. We work together to tell your story like it’s important (cause it is).

Veronica Jean
Tim Anderson
Ty Anderson

& Creative

Amy Lukac
Stephen Thiele
John Peluso
Marta Rivera

Ready to Grow?

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