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SociaLite Setup


Let’s Get Started!

By signing up for SociaLite, you will immediately begin your social media strategy outline.

Your first payment covers your discounted Setup Fee. Your first month’s social media management service, with all of the following included, is billed 7 days after setup.
  • Monthly Social Calendar
  • ​4 Original Posts published across all your social platforms
  • ​​2 Custom Graphics in your branding + 2 stock images
  • Monthly Report
  • ​​Three 20 Minute Sessions of Social Engagement
  • ​​Monthly 20 Minute Call with your Social Media Manager
  • ​Social Strategy

Once we receive your payment, you will receive an email with instructions to schedule your first call with your social media account manager.


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Custom Strategy

Our social media marketing includes a customized strategy with many moving parts to get your business thriving on all your social platforms. We start by checking out your competitors’ social profiles, allowing us to see what is working, what isn’t, and come up with a strategy that will outperform them.

Hashtag/keyword/industry research is our chance to take a deep dive into your industry to see which keywords should be implemented in your content as well as which hashtags are performing well. Now, we can come up with a content plan and schedule your posts on specific days and times – according to the social platform’s analyzed suggestions.

Content Creation

Content creation is comprised of two big elements: strong copywriting and creative graphics/video. The copywriting will pull social media users in and encourage them to want to read more or reach out to your company. The graphics/photography will be eye-catching and provide a sense of attraction, and if you’re really ready to impress, your video content should be entertaining and visually appealing..

Community Engagement

After we’ve put together a fantastic social media strategy with creative content and inviting graphics, we’ll schedule your posts and start to pay attention to your community. Community engagement is just as important as your content creation. This includes reviewing responses on posts, forwarding messages along to the correct internal resources so you can assist your customers, and create/strike up conversations and connections. This also includes responding to reviews, actively sharing, following, and liking key influencer profile content, and more. Performing community engagement duties will allow your social media profiles to grow fans, likes, and drive in business.

Social Media Marketing Lead Generation

Ramp up your social media with results-driven advertising, funnel development, and chatbot development. Let’s break it down. Advertising on social media will help reach more people beyond your followers and fans, which creates more followers and more website traffic. A funnel is a great way to get people to the meat and potatoes of your business. It’s essentially a creative, persuading landing page that lays out what you have to offer, explains the benefits, and eventually funnels the reader down to a purchasing option. These perform great on social media as ads and will reach many.


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