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Reaching Your Marketing Goals: BBB 2018

[az_column_text]How can you tell if your marketing efforts are successful? Most people would answer that questions by saying “well, if it makes me more money than I spent…”. That response is a conditioned answer that we have been trained to repeat over and over. The ‘ROI mania’ has been reinforced by both corporate executives and marketing service providers alike. When ROI is brought into the conversation, it is that precise moment when I, as a marketing professional, can tell that that person has in fact lost their vision for their marketing.

Have you ever heard that the driving force behind a successful business owner was their deep dedication to an amazing profit and loss statement? How about their nightly devotion to their revenue calculations? Revenue increase is a benchmark of success; increased profitability is a product of a thriving business. Neither are indicators or drivers of a successful business, yet they are still so important.Getting a good return on your marketing investment is the result of well planned, strategic goals with successful execution that also aligns with your brand story, vision, identity, etc. When ROI is present at the tactical, action plan of your marketing efforts, you are missing an opportunity to grow beyond short-term / short-sighted efforts. You may win a battle or two on occasion, but ultimately, you’ll lose the war.

In this video, I outline my tried and true method to create solid marketing goals. You can find the handout I am referencing here (it’s a pdf). I hope you feel informed and empowered to grab ahold of your own marketing goals and be bold in promoting your business. You can do it!


Alesha Peluso, CEO[/az_column_text]