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The Problem

Henry Knabe built the beginnings of his business during the hard, hot summer of 1982 in South Plainfield. As Henry’s determination grew, so did his clientele. By December, 1988, Henry Knabe’s truck business, or H.K. Truck Service, had outgrown the driveway it was built on. He moved into a commercial facility, taking with him the knowledge he had gained from working face-to-face with customers of all walks of life.

“My employees know that the customers need their trucks…When we tell a customer we can do this for you, we better do it.”

Changing from a strictly service-based operation to a comprehensive dealership, H.K. Truck Service rebranded to H.K. Truck Center, meeting the medium-duty truck industry head-on with 5 individual departments. As the business grew, the H.K. team encountered new challenges. How does a business maintain the legacy it was built on, increase customer satisfaction, and stretch beyond the reach of referrals and the current sales team without taking focus away from any of their current efforts?


H.K. Truck Center partnered with Three Summers Creative as their full-service marketing agency to educate, rebuild, and revitalize their business efforts.

Together, they guided the company to a new, more unified brand identity that their customers could be proud of. The original legacy built in Henry’s driveway now matched their messaging, customer service, marketing initiatives and promotional material.  They found that having a partner investing in promoting their achievements allowed them to keep focus on the excellence of their departments, all while making it easier for other businesses to interact with their services.

With a five-year plan to maximize efficiency and outreach in place, Henry and the team at H.K. now had the time and means to re-invest in their community. With a comprehensive yearly strategy towards expansion combined with real-time marketing adaptations to current events, HK Truck Center has significantly expanded it’s profit margin and opened up a second location.


Web Design
Graphic Design
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Social Media Advertising
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35 Years and More

A lot goes into building a new business, and even more to make it 35 years strong. Three Summers Creative used the landmark business anniversary to allow the local community to get to know the face behind one of New Jersey’s leading truck centers. Hank Knabe, founder of H.K. Truck Center, delved deep into the company’s history, as well as the unique turn of events that gave H.K. Truck Center their vision and drive.


Jets Stadium

Bolstered by the success of their marketing efforts, H.K. Truck Center collaborated with Hino Trucks and Jets Stadium as part of a new partnership initiative. Broadcasted to thousands, the groundbreaking commercial marked a new era for H.K. Truck Center and Hino Trucks alike, gaining them enough popularity to open a second location to better serve the residents of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

building a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression building a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression
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A Social Movement

We just started kicking off social media for H.K. Truck Center in March 2020. Facebook was able to give us these analytics from March 1 – May 22, 2020 and the numbers are definitely rising. Now that we have our bearings and know what works and what doesn’t, we’ll continue to build out social media calendars that will bring more eyes to their Facebook page and website.