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iRISE: The Video

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iRISE: The Video

Rise – A Community Service Partnership

Article by Joyce Reyham for RISE Community Services

Take 2!  Lights, Camera, Action…… Roll ‘Em….

On July 24, 2017, Rise volunteers, Wendy McDade and Denise Porretto, Rise Director of Operations, Maitel Jiminez and the video production company of Three Summers Creative decided to freshen up Rise’s image by giving it a new face.  Formerly using a slide show to spotlight Rise’s many programs at presentations, these talented and committed staffer and volunteers collaborated to give Rise a new look.  They hammered out a grueling, one-day schedule during which they visited each of Rise’s locations, conducted interviews and filmed staff, volunteers and clients in action.  From 8:00 until 6:30, the rapid-fire questions were asked and the cameras rolled highlighting the workings of the Rise Greater Goods Thrift Store, Rise Furniture Resale Outlet, Rise Food Pantry, Rise to the Task Community Dinner and the Rise Summer Academic Enrichment Program.  Everyone was in on the act with candid interviews from customers and clients who expressed appreciation for the many services Rise provides to community members, to staffers who explained their mission and to the young and literally “happy campers” attending Rise’s Summer Camp who contributed much fun and enthusiasm to the video.

Rise volunteers and staff, and the production team of Alesha Peluso and Ty Anderson demonstrated their willingness to help the community by bringing their expertise in technology to the table.  Working for days in advance preparing for the July 24th event, on the big day, everything went like clockwork and the programs that have been in place for years serving the community had an opportunity to strut their stuff.  Quiet enthusiasm and hard work behind the scenes made the day a success.

On the bigger stage however, this new state-of-the art video was made with some ulterior motives in mind.  While it will be used to promote Rise’s programs within the community, it helped to kick off the “Rise: Building Relationships for the Next Fifty Years” corporate partnership event held at the Peddie School on September 26th.  What better way to introduce potential corporate sponsors to all the community services Rise provides and show the dedication of the staff, the appreciation of clients and the commitment of Rise’s many volunteers?  Ultimately, this 3-minute flick is rated G and approved for audiences everywhere.[/az_column_text]