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How to Outsmart Facebook’s New Advertising Restrictions

[az_column_text]It’s no secret: It’s businesses that are most impacted by Facebook’s recent updates to its advertising platform. Slowly, Facebook is removing the ability to target audiences based on data sourced from third parties such as Acxiom, Epsilon, and Datalogix. Even custom audiences from your business’ customer files will go through a verification process to ensure that the information was collected legally. Important demographic data (i.e. income, net worth, office type) purchasing behavior (i.e. fashionista, golfing enthusiast, products purchased) and a handful fo discriminatory interests are just a few of the targeting options that will no longer be available. Luckily, a little creativity will make the best out of these recent updates.

  1. Invest in Premium Content. Keeping your network engaged with high quality, relevant content will improve your page’s visibility. Improved engagement will improve your relevance score which will reduce the costs of Ads while building your network.
  2. Remarket on Facebook to your Website Visitors. Set up a custom audience for your website’s visitors, and build ads specifically for them.
  3. Use Video in Your Advertising. Facebook’s algorithm favors video content. Use short, 15-second videos to share product/service or company updates, testimonials, how-tos, etc.

One in three U.S. small and medium sized businesses on Facebook say they built their business on the platform; and 42% say they’ve hired more people due to growth since joining Facebook.1 With the right content and advertising strategy, Facebook can be a powerful amplifier for your business’ brand.

Important Facebook Up-Dates

August 15 – Managed Custom Audiences and Partner Categories* will no longer be available October 1 – No campaigns will deliver to Partner Categories* after this date


Bottom Line: Recent Facebook updates will limit business access to user data, changing the game of Facebook campaign targeting. Premium Content, Website Remarketing, and Video are just a few tactics that will help overcome privacy obstacles and keep your social network on fleek.

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1. https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2017/11/facebook-community-boost/

*Partner Categories include any data sourced from sources outside of Facebook.


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