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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

A Marketing Hallelujah from Our Family to Yours

Just after sunrise, seven figures tapped their shoes against the cold December morning, trying to coax feeling back into their feet. The five Three Summers Creative staff, followed by Cinematographer Jason Montalvo and focus-puller Assistant Cinematographer Paul Castro Jr., had spent most of the morning in and out of the Prallsville Saw Mill, hanging Christmas lights and setting up both video and music equipment. Until late into the evening they sang and played a homespun version of one of the groups favorite classic songs without a single audience member, and went home that night exhausted but excited to share their Christmas greeting with clients.

This video has truly been a labor of love. We wanted something more than a holiday greeting: We wanted an anthem of hope and happiness. – Alesha Peluso

While the vision for a more creative holiday video started with our CEO, Alesha Peluso, the entire team worked together to make that vision a reality. With Ty Anderson manning the cutaway shots of the team in their working and natural environments, Tim Anderson mixing the sound, and the creative teamwork of Alesha Peluso, Veronica Jean, and John Peluso, the group was eager to give their clients a small window into the heart of soul of the team. After much waiting, the video was finally released on December 22nd, and met with surprising results.

“At first, we didn’t know what our clients would think.” Commented Veronica Jean, Creative Producer. “We had everything riding against us: Timing, analytics, vacations…Then suddenly all of our emails and phones started exploding with comments.”

The video, which reached almost 40,000 people and counting, quickly spread throughout social media, and the flood of support that came with it was almost overwhelming.

“It was so inspiring to see how people reacted, especially the local community and our clients. We are just blown away by the amount of support and love people have shown, and are excited to engage with our new followers.”

While the team may be thrilled with the response the video had, they are even more thrilled with the prospect of many more years of giving back to their clients both on and off the holidays.

Three Summers Creative is excited to see what the new year has in store for us, as well as the opportunity to bring a bit of warm, old-fashioned holiday wishes to others: We wish you all a warm, wonderful holiday.” Alesha Peluso