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Hermes Gold Winner! – Hidden Oaks Farm

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[az_special_heading heading_color=”custom” padding_bottom_heading=”0″ content_heading=”GOLD AWARD WINNER!” custom_heading_color=”#686868″]
[az_special_heading heading_type=”4″ heading_color=”custom” content_heading=”Neighbors may complain about the racket but we’re celebrating another gold trophy at Three Summers Creative” custom_heading_color=”#7c7c7c”]
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[az_blank_divider height_value=”40″][az_blank_divider height_value=”15″][az_special_heading heading_type=”5″ content_heading=”Entry Title: Hidden Oaks Farm Web Design”][az_column_text]See ‘Hidden Oaks Farm” Case Study

Client: Hidden Oaks Farm

Hermes International Creative Awards announced early entrant winners for the 2016 international awards competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. Three Summers Creative was thrilled to see their agency listed on the winners list, and especially for such an important project.

Three Summers Creative’s clean graphics, amazing photography, and user-friendly website for Hidden Oaks Farm Equestrian (hiddenoaksfarm.com), earned them the gold trophy in the Website Overall – Small Business Category.[/az_column_text]

[az_column_text]Hidden Oaks farms is a tropical oasis that offers a retreat for show-winning stallions, training grounds for the riding enthusiast, and beautiful amenities for riders, owners, and horse-lovers to stay. Three Summers Creative instantly fell in love with both the business model and heart behind Hidden Oaks Farm, which concentrates most of it’s energy on reaching out towards retired horses looking for a warm, loving facility to live out the rest of their days. With this in mind, the Three Summers Creative production team flew from our home-location in Central New Jersey to Ocala Florida, and hand captured the images used to create the new website for Hidden Oaks.Hermes Creative Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (amcpros.com), consisting of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and free-lance professionals.

AMCP judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry

Client: Hidden Oaks Farm[/az_column_text]

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[az_special_heading heading_type=”2″ padding_bottom_heading=”0″ content_heading=”ALESHA PELUSO”][az_column_text]LEAD DIRECTOR | PHOTOGRAPHER | WEB DESIGNER

Alesha Peluso has owned, managed, and operated Three Summers Creative since founding the company in 2008. She is committed to providing award-winning services while giving her clients the ultimate customer experience. Alesha has over 9 years of professional experience including video production, graphic design, website coding and programming, illustration, project management, lead promotions, marketing and communications, social media management, search engine optimization, email marketing solutions, and photography.[/az_column_text]

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[az_special_heading heading_type=”2″ padding_bottom_heading=”0″ content_heading=”ANTONY BRADY”][az_column_text]PHOTOGRAPHER 

William Antony Brady has had over two years of photography experience in Three Summers, specializing in abstract and time-lapse photographs. Additionally, Antony has been a model and actor for over 6 years, lending his talent for several video and photography shoots.[/az_column_text]

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[az_special_heading heading_type=”2″ padding_bottom_heading=”” content_heading=”VERONICA JEAN”][az_column_text]PHOTO-EDITOR | WEB DESIGNER

At Three Summers Creative, Veronica Jean contributes to almost every aspect of our services, most prominently Graphic Design and Social Media Management. She is bright, outgoing, and an avid copy-writer, allowing her to become the lead in Three Summer’s Social Media Management.[/az_column_text]

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