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2018 Website Trends You’ll Love

Looking to take your business’ website to the next level in 2018? Keep these trends in mind:

Get Your Content Moving

Whether it is simple animations, 3D graphics, or video, dynamic content that moves will engage the visitor longer, increasing their time on your website.

Integrate Hashtags

Serve up your hashtags with your content, so your website visitors won’t be guessing how they can get trendy with you on social media.

Think Instant Gratification

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, you have exactly 8 seconds to get to the point. Whatever you sell, make it easy for people to complete what they are trying to do on your website.

Design for Inbound Lead Generation

Think of your website as a marketing and sales funnel instead of an online brochure. Set up your site as a 24/7 store front, with each section positioned to provide a next step at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Be Diverse

Whether you are a global brand or a local brand, lack of diversity will hurt your business. In fact, exclusion of any people based on sex, race, or age in your marketing efforts not only damages your brand but alienates your product from the growing population of diverse people.

Brand Beyond Design

Establish a branded personality though the tone in your content, not just the tone of your colors. Tone should be consistent on all platforms, including branded videos. Finally, consider the actions your business takes as symbolic of the brand (actions such as community involvement, customer policies, product features, etc.)

Is your website ahead of the game? Think we missed a trendy website feature of the future? Leave a comment and let us know!

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