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Award Winning Agency

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This project was a fun mixture of creative, modern design and the practical needs of a real estate agent.

With over a decade of experience in real estate, Joe made it clear that a new site wasn’t just increasing business he was concerned with; He wanted to become a resource for his community. It was very important that Joe feel his new website allowed him to give back to both his clients and his neighbors by educating, interacting, and providing for the user.

Each page of the new site was carefully planned out so none of the information from his old website was lost, yet it flowed easily enough for the user to find all the resources they need to make the right real estate decision. All 27 pages of content (and still growing!) was organized for maximum benefit to the client and user. The design itself was meant to capture classic and honest branding, and helped maintain a friendly and approachable feel. Most importantly, additional plugins and tweaked code allowed Joe to share radio shows, house listings, community hot-spots, local events, and even county news.


Client: Joe Peters


Link: JPeters.com


Team Credits:

Alesha Peluso – Account Manager

Veronica Jean – Graphic Designer, Web Master & PM[/az_column_text]

[az_lightbox_video image=”2257″ link_url=”https://vimeo.com/105989379″ title=”The Importance of Place”][az_blank_divider height_value=”15″][az_special_heading heading_type=”5″ content_heading=”Entry Title: ‘The Importance of Place’ Video”][az_column_text]See ‘The Importance of Place” Case Study

Architecture is both a living and sedentary form. On it’s own, a space designed can be beautiful and unique. On occasion, a building long forgotten is seen with a creative eye with an innovative mind, and when that unique individual has the talent to design a new vision and purpose for that building, it is transformed. Alive. It lives through the impact it makes in the people and activities that enjoy the space. The Importance of Place takes a deeper look at First Round Capital’s Philadelphia location, an incubator for budding entrepreneurs. The design was orchestrated by one of the tri-state area’s most creative and innovative architectural firms, KSS Architects. Working closely with the architect who designed the space, our video production team was able to capture both the space and the movement within the space, demonstrating the heart of what KSS looks to accomplish in each of their projects: to create meaningful and lasting change.

Our video production team captured both the movement and stillness in this progressive building, in it’s day to day functionality as well as it’s use during special events. Over a 16 hour production day, we were able to create a window into the activities of First Round Capital and the start ups they host. Each angle was carefully crafted to capture the movements of the people in the building from the perspectives of the design, highlighting rustic walls, brilliantly lit ceilings, moving (garage door) room dividers, progressive technology tucked behind retro decor, and, most notably, well crafted rooms built to stimulate the creative mind while maintaining functionality.


Client: KSS Architects


Location: First Round Capital
Philadelphia, PA



Alesha Peluso – Director, Video Editor

Ty Anderson – Director of Photography & Color Correction Specialist

William Brady – Time-lapse Photographer

Wendy McDade – Script Writer for KSS Architects[/az_column_text]